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As there's little interesting stuff about me, I prefer giving you links to some of my projects. Thanks for your visit!

Some SlimStuff

SqeezeboxI wrote some plugins to enhance the SliMP3's and Squeezebox's excellent Squeezebox Server software (Slim Devices Inc.).

Some Slim Stuff

Installing Linux on a Benq Joybook 6000N

The author of Linux on BenQ JoyBook 6000 correctly states:

"The JoyBook is not the best laptop when it comes to Linux. I must confess that I never really looked on Linux-Support before buying it. Even now, that I own it, I hardly found any Websites dealing with the JoyBook 6000 and Linux."

But luckily, like him I found quite some information on related sites which deal with other machines, but similar or identical hardware. This is my collection of links and information I used to install Kubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) on my Joybook.


Online photo album

The Nose, El Capitan, YosemiteYeah, me too! Find some slideshows from my travel abroad or trips in the alps.

Michael's slideshows

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